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Running a Node

You will need to run a node in order to become a staker and answer to queries in the network.


Please check Quick Start for installation instructions


Run the commands in following way: node index.js <command> You can run following commands in CLI:

-help See a list of available commands

create <password> Creates a new wallet with given password. The wallets are stored in keys/ directory.

WARNING: this is not a secure method of key generation, DO NOT use it for assets on mainnet. The code will be improved in the future to make key generation more secure.

Fund this account with ether and RAZORs to start participating in the network.

You can use the full commands (stake) or the short form (s) as shown below.

Supported commands:

stake|s <amount> <address> <password>

Stake some RAZORs

unstake|u <accountId>

Unstake all RAZORs

withdraw|w <accountId>

Withdraw all RAZORs. Make sure RAZORs are unstaked and unlocked

vote|v <account> <password>

Start monitoring contract, commit, vote, propose and dispute automatically

transfer|t <to> <amount> <from> <password>

transfer RAZORs

create|c <password>

Create wallet with the given password


sample query URLs

createJob|j <url> <selector> <name> <repeat> <fee> <account> <password>

Create oracle query job.


<address> is the address of the wallet generated using create command. Check the keys directory to see all available keys.


node index.js create deadbeef
node index.js stake 1000 0x5a0b54d5dc17e0aadc383d2db43b0a0d3e029c4c deadbeef
node index.js vote 0x5a0b54d5dc17e0aadc383d2db43b0a0d3e029c4c deadbeef