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Razor network is a decentralised oracle network.

Anything which provides external data to a blockchain is called an โ€œOracleโ€.

Razor Network consists of validators who lock in their tokens as a โ€œStakeโ€ and provide data to the network. The honest validators are rewarded and those who report incoherently are penalized.

The core of Razor Network is a set of smart contracts, that can run on any Ethereum compatible blockchain. Razor relies on the underlying blockchain for providing certain properties such as censorship resistance, security from network partition attacks, etc.

Detailed introductionโ€‹

For a detailed introduction, please check What is Razor Network?.

White paperโ€‹

The latest version of the whitepaper is available here.

Smart contractsโ€‹

Our smart contracts are hosted on GitHub.

Please note that the project is in active development and breaking changes are introduced frequently.


A Golang reference client is being developed. It can be found here.

To set up a Razor Network client, please check our Quick Start guide.