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Expose Metrics

To integrate monitoring and alerting for a staker we are exposing Prometheus-based metrics. Which will provide metric at /metrics GET endpoint for Prometheus to scrap.


  • You must have Docker and Docker Compose installed.

razor cli

Without TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets layer )

$ ./razor setConfig --exposeMetrics 2112

With TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets layer )

$ ./razor setConfig --exposeMetrics 2112 --certFile /cert/file/path/certfile.crt --certKey key/file/path/keyfile.key

NOTE: If you configured the domain name to access your staker metric endpoint ex:, It's highly recommended to use an SSL Certificate to avoid any Man-in-the-Middle attack. You can get a free SSL Certificate from Certbot.

Configure Certbot (linux):

  1. Install certbot
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot  
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install certbot
  1. Get an SSL Certificate from certbot
sudo certbot certonly --standalone --preferred-challenges http -d
  1. Can find installed certs at /etc/letsencrypt/live/your-domain
  2. Your private key will be: privkey.pem and certificate will be: fullchain.pem


Expose Metrics without TLS

docker exec -it razor-go razor setConfig --exposeMetrics 2112

Expose Metrics with TLS

docker exec -it razor-go razor setConfig --exposeMetrics 2112 --certFile /cert/file/path/certfile.crt --certKey key/file/path/keyfile.key


Clone repo and setup monitoring and alerting using Prometheus/Grafana

git clone
cd monitoring
  • If your staker is running via binary, then

    1. In ./configs/prometheus.yml, replace "razor-go:2112" with "<private/public address of host>:2112"
  • For alerting you can add a webhook in ./configs/alertmanager.yml, and replace with your webhook URL. This will send you an alert every 5min if metrics stop.

  • If you are running multiple stakers and want to monitor via a single Grafana dashboard

    1. You need to update ./config/prometheus.yml, and add new target block where job_name: "razor-go"
      - targets: ["<second-host-address>:2112"]
      staker: "<staker-name>"
    2. Restart Vmagent service docker-compose restart vmagent

Start monitoring stack

  • You can spin all agents at once via

    docker-compose up -d

    Can check the status of each service via

    docker-compose ps
  • You can open Grafana at <private/public address of host>:3000, then:

    1. Can check out the Razor dashboard to monitor your staker.
    2. Insight of host metrics at the Node Exporter Full dashboard.
    3. Containers Insight at the Docker and OS metrics ( Cadvisor, node_exporter ) dashboard.
    4. Can monitor alerts at the Alertmanager dashboard.

NOTE: Configure firewall for port 3000 on your host to access Grafana.

Troubleshoot Alerting

  1. In docker-compose.yml uncomment ports for alertmanager and vmalert.

  2. Configure the firewall to allow access to ports 8880 and 9093.

  3. Check you get alerts on Vmalert via http://<host_address>:8880/vmalert/alerts. Vmalert is configured to scrap every 2 minutes, and fetch the latest alerts.

  4. If you see an alert in vmalert then look into alertmanager http://<host_address>:9093/#/alerts?, if you see alerts there but you didn't get one this could indicate an issue with your webhook.