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The Razor Network Oracle runs on its own chain, the Razor Schain, together with Proof of Stake and it's consensus mechanism it gives a high level of security to the chain. Price feed data is bridged to other SKALE Chains and Ethereum Mainnet using the SKALE Interchain Messaging Agent (IMA).

To learn how to use the Razor Network Oracle datafeed from other smart contracts, click here to see it in action.

Skale IMA

The SKALE IMA is flexible and modular - It can support transfer of any token standard, and can also transfer any arbitrary messages between chains. To dive deeper visit the IMA docs here.

Proxy Contract Addresses

ContractAddressChain Name
ResultManager0xc0Db5ff39A1a5dA7F3dE0eBc7BC838B79A259A75rinkeby (deprecated)