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Setting up development environment

  1. Must have docker and docker-compose installed

  2. Building the source docker-compose build

  3. Create razor.yaml at $HOME/.razor/

    vi $HOME/.razor/razor.yaml
  4. Add in razor.yaml and use :wq to exit form editor

    buffer: 20
    gaslimit: 2
    gasmultiplier: 1
    gasprice: 0
    provider: <rpc-url>
    wait: 30
  5. Create account , and note address.

    docker-compose run razor-go /usr
    /local/bin/razor create
  6. Import account

    docker-compose run razor-go /usr/local/bin/razor import
  7. Get some RAZOR and MATIC token (or Token of respective RPC) to this address

  8. Start Staking

    #Provide password through CLI
    docker-compose run razor-go /usr/local/bin/razor addStake --address <address> --value 50000

    #Provide password through File

    #Create file and put password string
    vi ~/.razor/pass
    #Start Staking
    docker-compose run razor-go /usr/local/bin/razor addStake --address <address> --value 50000 --password /root/.razor/pass

  9. To Start Voting,

    1. Provide password through CLI
    # Run process in foreground and provide password through cli
    docker-compose run razor-go /usr/local/bin/razor vote --address <address>

    # Run process in background and provide password through file
    docker-compose run -d razor-go /usr/local/bin/razor vote --address <address> --password /root/.razor/pass
    1. Provide password through File and run in background with compose up
      1. replace <address> in docker-compose.yml with your address and create file pass and add your password in file
    docker-compose up -d