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Governance aims to enable the oracle network to do subjective decision making based on acceptions and rejections of the proposals. The proposals will be mostly around

  1. Acception or Rejection of Data soruces collections.
  2. Change in the parameters of the Validation layer.

It is quite important to whitelist of backlist the data sources to prevent any misinformation and DOS attacks.

The Razor Network governance portal can be accessed here. You need to hold $RAZOR tokens on Ethereum/Polygon Mainnet or $sRZR (staked $RAZOR tokens) on Razor SKALE Chain to be able to vote.

Note - Updated governance parameters can be checked here.

Governance Parameters

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
Withdraw Lock PeriodThe number of epochs for which the RAZORs are locked after initiating withdraw1
Max Alt BlocksMaximum number of best proposed blocks to be considered for dispute5
Max CommissionMaximum commission stakers can charge from delegators on their profits20
Penalty Not Reveal NumPercentage stake penalty to be given out for inactivity1000
Grace PeriodThe number of epochs for which the staker wont be given inactivity penalties. Stakers inactive for more than grace period will be penalized8
Max AgeMaximum age a staker can have100*10000
Min StakeMinimum amount of stake required to participate20000*(10**18)
Block RewardReward given to staker whose block is confirmed100*(10**18)
Escape Hatch EnabledThe default admin role can remove all the funds incase of emergencytrue
MaxToleranceMaximum percentage deviation allowed from medians for all collections1_000_000
Epoch Limit For Update CommissionThe number of epochs for which a staker cant change commission once set/change100
Delta CommissionMaximum commission change a staker can do20
Unstake Lock PeriodThe number of epochs for which the sRZRs are locked for calling unstake1
Withdraw Initiation PeriodThe number of epochs where staker/delegator needs to initiate withdraw5
Reset Unstake Lock PenaltyPercentage stake penalty from the locked amount for extending unstake lock incase withdrawInitiationPeriod was missed1
Min Safe RazorMinimum amount of stake required to become a staker10000*(10**18)
To AssignMaximum number of collections that can be assigned to the staker5
BufferDelay between states5
SlashNums.bountyPercent bounty from staker's stake to be received by the bounty hunter500_000
SlashNums.burnPercent RAZOR burn from staker's stake9_500_000
SlashNums.keepPercent from staker's stake to be kept by staker0