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Oracle Node installation

Linux quick start

Install razor-go pre build binary directly from github and configure into host.


You must have wget and tar installed

For linux-amd64

curl -sSL | bash

For linux-arm64

export PLATFORM=arm64

curl -sSL | bash

Check installation

razor -v

NOTE: To install the version you want, you can set VERSION:<git-tag> environment variable before running above command.

Docker quick start

One of the quickest ways to get razor-go up and running on your machine is by using Docker:

  1. Create docker network
docker network create razor_network
  1. Start razor-go container
docker run -d -it --entrypoint /bin/sh --network=razor_network --name razor-go -v "$(echo $HOME)"/.razor:/root/.razor razornetwork/razor-go:v1.1.0

NOTE: we are leveraging docker bind-mounts to mount .razor directory so that we have a shared mount of .razor directory between the host and the container. The .razor directory holds keys to the addresses that we use in razor-go, along with logs and config. We do this to persist data in the host machine, otherwise you would lose your keys once you delete the container.

You need to set a provider before you can operate razor-go cli on docker:

docker exec -it razor-go razor setConfig -p <provider_url>

You can now execute razor-go cli commands by running:

docker exec -it razor-go razor <command>

Setting up razor-go with docker-compose

You can build razor-go docker image by running:

docker-compose build

NOTE: Add platform: linux/x86_64 for Silicon based MAC in docker-compose.yml.

Run razor-go locally with:

docker-compose up -d

You can interact with razor:

docker exec -it razor-go razor ...