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During unstake, user sRAZOR token gets locked in contract. User can initiate withdraw for locked tokens in the next epoch.

In Short:

Unstaking and withdrawing funds from Razor Network is a 3 step process.

  1. Unstake: After unstaking, the users sRAZOR tokens are locked in the Stake Manager contract for unstakeLockPeriod which is currently 300 epochs. There is a time period set in which the user must call Initiate Withdraw and proceed to the next phase of the lock. Currently, the withdrawInitiationPeriod set is 150 epochs (Check Network Parameters here). If user Unstaked in epoch T the user must call Initiate Withdraw after epoch T + 300 and before T + 450 epoch. Note : Failing to call Initiate Withdraw within the specified epochs will result in a penalty via Reset Lock.

  2. Initiate Withdraw: This call is not allowed in Propose and Dispute States. If the current state is Propose or Dispute, wait for a few minutes before making the call. The initiate withdraw call will only succeed if the User has locked RAZOR and if the current epoch is within the withdrawInitiationPeriod. The users sRAZOR are burnt for RAZOR tokens, and locked for withdrawLockPeriod which is currently 300 epoch.

  3. Withdraw: Lastly, withdraw can be called anytime after the withdrawLockPeriod epochs has passed.

Note: You can get the stakers sRAZOR address by clicking on the + icon on that stakers delegate/unstake modal.

Step 1


Note: We recommend that all Delegators bookmark this specific URL to prevent any phishing attacks.


Step 2

Now, click on “Connect Wallet” from the top right corner and make sure your network is set to "Razor Schain". Next, visit or click on “Staking” from the menu bar on the header and you should see the screen below:

Note: This can also be done from the particular staker or delegator page. Screenshot

Step 3

Navigate to staker address and Click on the Unstake action from the Actions dropdown on the stakers list table.

Note: Users can add the stakers sRAZOR address using the + icon near the stakers address.


Step 4

Once both transactions are successful, Initiate Withdraw will need to be called after the unstakeLockPeriod and within the withdrawInitiationPeriod.


Note: To get the exact values of the lock periods check Governance here.