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Withdraw is only allowed after Initiate Withdraw is called. Withdraw will transfer locked $RAZOR tokens to the user's address.

Step 1


Note: We recommend that all Delegators bookmark this specific URL to prevent any phishing attacks.


Step 2

Now, click on “Connect Wallet” from the top right corner and make sure your network is set to "Razor Schain". Next, visit or click on “Staking” from the menu bar on the header and you should see the screen below:


Step 3

Click on your connected wallet address to get information on your actions. Navigate to the Delegated section on your page. Clicking on the "Action" will show you a list of actions that are allowed in the current Epoch.

Note: Same action can be performed from staking page by finding the staker address and clicking on Action.


Step 4

Once you have Initiated withdraw and withdrawAfterPeriod has passed, you can withdraw your RAZOR tokens any time. This can be done by clicking on staker action and then Withdraw.


Step 5

Clicking on Withdraw will open a modal to withdraw the locked RAZOR. You can confirm the details if you would like and then click on Withdraw on the modal. Confirm the transaction, and your $RAZOR will be sent to your address.